Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am slowly returning to my favorite hobby: Running. Dealing with an injury has been a trial for me and stay out of the paths a difficult task. While recovering from this nasty injury I started teaching Spinning classes 5 days a week at my local gym. I just love it! what a way to keep in shape!!!

This week I finally went back to the path for the first time after 8 months. On Thursday logged in 5 miles and o Friday another 6 miles. As far as pain, so far so good. After each run I made sure to ice the injury area and elevated it following my doc's advice. I am planning on start training for good second week of April when the weather should be better.

My biggest decision now is if I should stick to run half marathon only or try yet another full. I am not so sure that training for a full marathon will be a good idea. Time will tell. I believe for now I will stick with with half marathons and see how well recovered I really am before attempting to run a full marathon.

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